Monday, October 9th, 2023 12:44 AM


This is ridiculous

I can watch Starz on my TV in the livingroom AND my firestick in the bedroom but I can't get it to download for free on my phone for nothing!! WHYYY would you make it so inconvenient? I pay for it thru Comcast/Xfinity.. and just because you added Epix it shouldn't mean your customers can no longer get Starz on our devices! I don't even know what Xfinity Flex is.. whatever it is it sure isn't flexible. I can watch every other channel on my phone EXCEPT Starz.. where a bunch of my favorite shows are..I don't watch anything on Epix.

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8 months ago

@user_390f13 You need to download the Xfinity Stream app to your phone. You'll setup the app and login using your Xfinity credentials. You can then access the Starz content through that app.


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8 months ago

Hi there, @user_390f13 Thank you so much for your patience! I'm sorry that you were not able to log into Starz on your phone, I know how frustrating that is for you. The Xfinity Flex is A voice-controlled 4K streaming TV Box that puts all your favorite streaming apps in one place on your TV, which includes over 10,000 free shows and movies, including 200 channels. I do see there was some excellent advice which we appreciate @DreamSayerZ. Were you able to access Starz on your phone?-Richard

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