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Monday, September 25th, 2023 11:36 PM


Small box that goes with X1 platform

For years we have used the X1 platform with the little boxes in other rooms. It worked on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week then all of a sudden would boot up after being plugged back in. Support didn't know why and couldn't figure out what is going wrong. It says "welcome, loading your viewing experience" type thing but never goes past this. We are having a new box sent to us but I just wondered if anyone else had this issue and what you did. Thanks

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9 months ago

Hello @Wendy1717, Thanks for reahcing out for help with your equipment and to share your expierence. It's deffinitely not normal for boxes to randomaly stop working, but we are glad to hear that you are getting replacments. Please let us know if you have any issue after the replacment boxes arrive. Our team will be glad to help however we can. 

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