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Sat, Nov 6, 2021 6:34 PM


Set up x fin flex w moto modem

I can’t get the new X5 flex to connect with my Wi-Fi which is working and I already rebooted the modem. It’s our personal modem that’s Motorola which when we bought it was compatible and now the website says that there are filters that won’t work with it which I’m guessing is on the Xfinity side and not on Motorola. Anyone know anything?




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Hello @user_62b38b, thanks for joining us here in the Xfinity Support Forums--we're happy to help out. Xfinity Flex activation primarily relies on your internet connection, namely your Wi-Fi (although if you're having issues activating with Wi-Fi you can use an Ethernet cable). With this in mind, you would want to make sure the devices being used are compatible on our network, as a number of modems have been retired over the last few years, so support for them is limited. You can check out our Support page here for compatible devices: https://comca.st/3o6W3ux



I'll also include some general Activation Tips from our Xfinity Flex Activation Process Overview


Activation Troubleshooting

  • If you're having trouble activating your Flex streaming TV Box, the most common solution is to restart it by reconnecting your USB-C power cord and HDMI cable to both the Flex streaming TV Box and TV.
  • If your remote isn’t working, make sure you’re standing within ten feet of your Flex streaming TV Box and pointing the remote directly at the front of it. If that doesn't help, you might need to unpair your remote from a previous TV Box. Get instructions at https://comca.st/31JhIl1.
  • If you’re unable to make a language selection, a pop-up message will direct you to https://comca.st/31JhIl1 for instructions on resetting your remote.
  • Make sure you’re connected to the Internet. Restarting your modem can fix many common Internet-related issues. You can also try to connect with a wired Ethernet cable to check if the issue is with your WiFi connection.
  • If you're having network connection issues or need to reestablish your network connection, you can press the WPS button (two arrows icon) on the bottom of the Flex streaming TV Box.
  • If you receive an error when setting up your Voice Remote, you can skip this step by pressing the Back arrow button on your remote and selecting Skip when prompted. You can finish setting up your Voice Remote after activation is complete.
  • If you come across an error screen and you can't fix the issue on your own, mention the error code on the bottom-right corner of your TV screen when talking with us.


Let me know if you still need assistance after this--always happy to help out!

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