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Peacock upgrade

Does anyone know how to upgrade our peacock account? I got the free membership through Xfinity but I want to upgrade to No Ads. Peacock says I have to upgrade through xfinity but everything I see about it shows me how to do it through a flex box...and i dont have one of those. 

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4 months ago

@user_1hn7ht If you receive Peacock Premium through NOW TV, Gigabit speed internet or Xfinity Rewards, you cannot upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus through Xfinity. If you want the ad-free version with the plus, you need to cancel and pay the full subscription. See this thread; https://bit.ly/49xM5sm

Xfinity mentions they are currently working on trying to be able to upgrade to the Plus with the reward/internet-only customers, however, there is no ETA on when this option to upgrade will be released.


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@DreamSayerZ​ thank you so much for your reply. I've been getting a complete run around when it comes to this and neither agents nor chats nor any search info I could find stated that so thank you! Do you by any chance know how I can find my account to cancel it? I cant find it on xfinity at all and on peacock it tells me i have to do it here.

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@user_1hn7ht Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on our Xfinity Forums. It looks like @DreamSayerZ was able to provide an answer to your initial question. Since this is a free offer there isn't a way to have it removed from the account at this time, and we aren't able to upgrade it. We recommend creating a new Peacock account if you would like to have the ad free experience. 

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