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Sunday, January 29th, 2023 10:57 PM

Peacock cannot link my Xfinity account

​When I try to link my Xfinity account on Peacock it says, “​

​Access not Authorized​

​You signed in successfully, but you must be an Xfinity user to enjoy this service.”​

​I have my Flex Box set up on my account through our in home Wi-Fi and I’m still getting this message. What could the problem be?​


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2 months ago

Hello @user_29dd2b, thanks for reaching out for help with logging into your Peacock app.

Typically, users will see this message if they are signing in with a user ID that is linked to an old account. This can happen due to an account move/transfer, or if a custom is retuning to Xfinity and using the same logins. If needed, you can follow the steps here: https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/switching-between-multiple-accounts to link a user ID to your current account. 

Outside of this, you will want to ensure you are using the same information that you use to log in to your Xfinty online account as the primary user. 

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