Monday, November 27th, 2023 9:37 AM

Organize Home Screen

I thought I was just being dumb or having issues working this streaming service, but I would say Xfinity needs to add personalization preferences before you focus on anything else. That’s what makes these services better than others. I was tired of using my TVs built in streaming service and apps but at least there’s customization. YouTube TV is basically my “cable” so I make that my first app or automatically open when turning on TV or opening streaming service. It’s almost the last app in the list I have to scroll all the way down. I get this is new but my biggest suggestion is let people customize and make it their own or else it’s not even in the ballpark of other streaming services. Hope to see improvements and will keep checking but for now it just slows things down looking for my apps I’m wanting to use. Plus I love smart home products/ I’m mainly using Apple HomeKit which I know has limited products already but I love dashboard view 

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3 months ago

@Revell25 this is wonderful feedback on how we can make improvements. Our department will pass this information up the chain for you. Thanks so much! 

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3 months ago

TWO years later (based on previous forum posts) and you still haven't provided a means to reorganize the home screen!  "...wonderful feedback on how we can make improvements" ... really?  That part of your response is even more disappointing because you make it seem as though this is a new complaint/suggestion!  Get with the program Xfinity, you are way way behind other streaming service providers.  It's a simple request - stop dragging your feet and just do it!

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