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Saturday, September 4th, 2021 4:52 AM


My data has quadrupled

My data has quadrupled on August and I have no changes in # of devices ( Flex Box, laptop, cellphone, NO Gaming)    Xfinity has been telling  me they escalated my issue to Security Level 3 for the past 12 Days. NO ONE has contacted me!! Security Level 2 mentioned high data usage at 4am. Rh Flex Box settings says updates are done at 4am-8am. Well there you go, the FLEX BOX uses a lot of data constantly and it doesn’t tuen off!!! I will have to start unplugging it every day. 

Xfinity Security Team Level 2 is super rude. They get upset because I call every day, and every single time I am told Level 3 will call me in 24 hours, but it’s 13 days later and I still haven’t gotten a call!  It’s September 1 and my data usage for 1 day is close to 80 GB And all I’ve done so far is outlook cell phone and streamed one movie!

Time to shop around as Xfinity Tech team is the worst!

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2 years ago

Hello @user_a2d4a8, and thank you for sharing your experience here on the Help & Support Forum. This isn't the experience we want for our customers. I'm sorry that you haven't been able to speak with anyone to get answers about your data usage. As the Corporate Digital Care Team, we would be happy to review your account to see if there is any way that we can help, or help get you in contact with an agent in the department handling your ticket. Please click the Direct Messaging chat icon in the top right corner of the page, click on the pen and pad icon and enter Xfinity Support in the "To" section of the chat, and provide us with your first and last name and full address so we may further assist you.



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2 years ago

Our data usage has exploded every since we got notified on october 22nd that our mbs got upgraded from 200 mbs to 300 mbs.  We have not changed our devices and do very little to no gaming.  We stream movies (ie Disney +) about once every other day, one movie.  We have been averaging about 850 gb/mo over the last year or so.  At one point they said we used 90 gb in like 16 hours and 8 of those hours we were sleeping.  We watched one movie during that time.  We are NOT streaming in HD (ie 4K).  I tried to do the help chat but they were not helpful at all.  When we stream a movie in standard def (which should be 0.7 gb) our internet usage has skyrocketed to 3-4 gb/hour.  Wondering if anyone else has seen a recent explosion of data usage with no real changed in your pattern of behavior with regards to your internet usage.

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