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Thu, Jul 8, 2021 11:34 PM


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     I just noticed while browsing your website after paying my bill. Xfinity Flex Streaming is now a thing and said that I would receive one free streaming box. Only to start the sign up process and be told that internet essential customers are not qualified. I get it, Comcast wants us to pay for service instead of scooting around paying top dollar for TV. My family will be forever grateful for the quality internet that you guys provide us. Can I rent a Flex streaming box from you monthly? This would save my family from having to buy a smart TV. We just bought a new flat screen but it is not a smart TV. I would be glad to pay the $5, $10 or whatever the rental fee is monthly for a Flex Box. 

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Hello, @zemo81! We truly appreciate your interest in our Flex services. Unfortunately, at this time, Flex services are not available for Internet Essential customers even if paying for the equipment. However, I have forwarded feedback on your request, and hopefully, in the future, we'll come out with an option for our IE customers to participate in our Flex services. Another option would be to look into 3rd party devices such as Roku, which offer streaming apps. I was able to pick one up for my mom around $30 bucks, and it works great for her. There are also Amazon Firesticks and other devices than can connect to non-smart TVs for streaming access. Google Chromecast also offers the ability to mirror your mobile devices to your TV. I hope these suggestions are helpful for you and your family. Please let us know if you have any other questions for us. 

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