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Thursday, August 18th, 2022 2:41 PM


Installment plan in process

I have paid for this installment plan twice now and both times told my services will not be interrupted. I even downsized to just Flex streaming and still going on third month still no installment plan but yet 15th take another 50.00 payment to setup one and tell me no worries your services will not be interrupted. Wake up and flex streaming is just that interrupted have to pay past due. Why after all these years I paid almost 498 a month then downsize so cab get past due paid am I being punished. I never back out of my payment arrangements without xfinity doing so. 15th they canceled my payment arrangement and setup 12 month installment for 50 down payment again but that's on me. Won't restore my service till I pay the past due. Which they know I can't cause i would just avoid the long days of talking to 8 reps to resolve nothing after repeating yourself all day you feel sick

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