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Saturday, November 19th, 2022 6:02 AM


Innapropriate suggestions on flex box

Hello, i would like to have a way to remove or turn off recommended programs on the home menu of the flex box. I have young children who don't need to see the sex live of college girls every time the tv is turned on. I find it unamusing and downright malicious that this would be recommended and unable to be removed. I am considering cancelling my internet service altogether and going with someone else because it is unacceptable. It either needs to be fixed or you will lose a lot of customers. I will be very vocal about recommending others go a different route than xfinity if this cannot be resolved. Thanks.



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10 months ago

Oh no! You can change what programming shows up on the Flex Box by following this article here: Turn Safe Browse On or Off with X1 Parental Controls


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10 months ago

@user_d22a4f Thank you so much for your post for help on the content that is shown on your Flex box. We definitely appreciate keeping inappropriate content away from children and do offer quite a lot in terms of parental controls to ensure they can not access that content. If you check out this great page here you can see not only how to set up content controls for your box but online as well! https://www.xfinity.com/hub/parental-controls


We also have a great feedback link if you would like to provide more information on control options you would like to see in the future! https://bit.ly/3hhUqdT 

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