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Sunday, March 19th, 2023 12:41 AM


I want to purchase a second Flex box.

I am an xfinity internet customer and have a flex streaming box.  In order to avoid the $5 per month rental fee for a second flex streaming box, I want to purchase a flex streaming box from ebay.  The second flex streaming box would be used in another room connected to a different tv.  Would xfinity allow me to use this purchased flex streaming box without charging me?



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9 months ago

Hello gldrgidr


The Xfinity Flex box are complimentary and not Gifts so you wouldn’t be able to skip the low cost since Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas or to current Xfinity Video customers. Requires post-paid subscription to Xfinity Internet, excluding Internet Essentials. Pricing subject to change. Taxes, fees and other applicable charges extra, and subject to change.  Limited to 3 devices. $5/mo. per device. All devices must be returned when service ends. Separate charges apply to On Demand and certain streaming services. Viewing will count against any Xfinity data plan.

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9 months ago

@gldrgidr Do not purchase a Flex box on eBay. Those boxes are Xfinity property and should have been returned when service was cancelled. People don't understand when they say we give you a free Flex box, it's they are giving you the box to use for free with no rental fee.

Xfinity would also need to provision that box on your account so it can be used. That would result in an extra $5 monthly rental fee. Honestly, I would invest in a Roku or Fire TV device for that other room. They are way more flexible than the Flex box. And you can still access the same apps and much much more!

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