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HULU not accessible via FLEX - Please read my post before asking me to troubleshoot the same way I have done countless times before....

Is there a way I can speak to someone to resolve the same Hulu unable to be access via Flex issue for me? Xfinity rep I just spoke to literally 10 mins ago acted as if she and Comcast/Xfinity has never heard of this problem despite me pointing her to this thread. 

Creating a ticket does not help when we keep going around and around in circles over and again and I hear different garbage from different customer service associates about this exact same topic. 

I have been through the troubleshooting process on multiple calls but NO SOLUTION.  

Hulu blames Xfinity. Xfinity blames Hulu.  Customers like us suffer.  Why are we paying for a service that doesn't work?  Hulu is even partially owned by Xfinity/Comcast. In June 2021, it was reported that Disney and Comcast are in a dispute over the future of Hulu. Both Disney and Comcast are owners of Hulu. Comcast is in a feud with Disney because Disney's cancellation of Hulu overseas push and over the value of Hulu. Disney is scheduled to buy Comcast's stake in Hulu in 2024. 

Anyway, I digress. 

Here are my details: 

1.  Flex Box via Xfinity - Streaming only, no cable. 

2. Signed up for Hulu through Xfinity

3. Hulu worked for months

4. Hulu stopped working with the same login errors everyone has already stated: 

4.1 We're having trouble loading this right now

4.2 I've gone through the troubleshooting process more times than I can count. 

5. Xfinity said to replace Flex box

5.1 Xfinity said to downgrade to an older flex box that is compatible despite the face that AN OLDER FLEX BOX DOESNT EXIST.

5.2 Xfinity said to replace Flex box

5.3 Xfinity Flex box replaced

6. Hulu worked for 1 day

7. Hulu stopped working

8. Xfinity stated Flex Box and Hulu are not compatible and I need to purchase a Firestick. 

8.1 Xfinity specifically states on its website that you can access Hulu via Flex: https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/hulu-app-overview

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Thank you, @NathanLaddRigsby for reaching out to us over our Community Forums! We can totally understand the frustrations not being able to log into the Hulu app over our Flex Streaming device. I appreciate your details, and we would like to take a deeper dive into this with you. 

Please send us a private message with your name, and service address. The Peer to Peer chat icon is located at the top right of the Community Forum page, clicking on the chat icon will allow you to initiate a chat conversation with us directly. Please ensure you are sending your message to our 'Xfinity Support' handle, and signed into your Xfinity account. Thank you!

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