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Saturday, January 21st, 2023 3:36 AM

How can I unsubscribe from Showtime?

I subscribed to Showtime through my Flex box and now I can’t find any way to unsubscribe from it, but it’s on my billing statement

UPDATE: Obviously I tried all the 'cancel subscription' articles including the one linked to me below, but nothing works. It doesn't even show in My Subscriptions on my Flex box (sure does show on the billing statement though!). 

You have to reach out to them on Twitter DMs. The support there answered me very fast, I will say. It took a while but they did get it canceled for me and we both confirmed I was no longer be billed by it. Cheers! Lesson learned, do not do subscriptions through Xfinity; just go directly through the service. Everybody else makes it really easy to unsubscribe in my experience. 


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4 days ago

Hi there, @user_e24fd0. Thanks for reaching out about the Showtime subscription through Xfinity Flex. Have you tried these steps to unsubscribe at the Subscribe, Unsubscribe, and Manage Internet Video On Demand Channels link? Please let us know what happens when you try those steps.

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