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Saturday, March 5th, 2022 3:48 AM


How can I record Formula 1 races with Flex?

I just switched from my regular Xfinity cable package to Flex, I made sure to get ESPN so I can watch F1, but as I was poking around on it this evening I can't tell if I will be able to record the races when they start up again.  Which is necessary since some of them air in the middle of the night.  Does anyone know if they can be recorded on Flex, and if so could you tell me how.  Thank you.

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1 year ago

Hello @

user_1b9ec5 and thank you for your post! I am so happy you decided to take advantage of our free Flex service! It is such a great feature to be able to offer our internet customers. Program recording or DVR service is not something that is available with our Flex service, however we do have DVR available with our cable packages. Have you considered upgrading to take advantage of DVR?
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