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Fri, Aug 7, 2020 2:00 PM


Flex Xi6 setup issues

Good afternoon,


I received a Flex Xi6 box in order to access the free Peacock subscription that is available. I have been able to connect the box to my network with no issue and stream from services like Peacock and Amazon Prime. I do not have any other Comcast equipment (own my modem and router), and no other service issues - all other devices operate normally on the network.


There are several problems with the box, though:

It is always on the "Lets get started" prompt, which gets nowhere. The settings menus for "Apps and Subscriptions" and "My Account" go nowhere - when they are selected, it just reverts back to the settings menu.

And the Peacock app always asks for my password - it never retains that information. Prime, on the other hand, activated and works just fine.

I also searched both the help and  forums for information and spent 40 minutes on with customer service to attempt to find out how to "factory reset" the unit and try setting it up again, but the rep finally said that I would have to go to a service center (nearest one is 45 miles away, by the way) to get this taken care of, which is simply crazy. This box is near useless at this point.  If anyone knows how to reset the box, I would like to try that first, or otherwise I'll send it back. 

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