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Sun, May 10, 2020 5:00 AM

Flex UI and app

I have to say, the Flex UI leaves much to be desired. It is even more convoluted than Amazon (which is a complete mess), which tells me whoever the design team was they put in some serious effort to make it as difficult and convoluted to use as possible.


Seriously, Comcast owns Sky take a look at their UI and just use that. You have Now TV that already has a UI, why did you attempt to reinvent the wheel? You failed btw.


There seems to be no actual design or cohesive layout that makes any sense, in particular when attempting to find things.


So, 2 YouTube apps yet no YTTV app. That makes zero sense at all.  Why no live NBC, like you get on Roku? Or the ability to stream all live NBC/Universal Channels with your login?


All in all, yes there is a lot content on the device it is a shame there isn't a way to easily find anything.  So many things missing even items that they already own. I've been streaming tv only for years now and have to say this is not up for prime time by any measure.


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