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Wed, May 6, 2020 8:00 AM


Flex Streaming Box - Randomly backing out to start screen when streaming live TV

I've been have 2 issues with this thing that makes streaming on this beyond irritable. 


First big issue: When I'm streaming live TV, the Flex Box will randomly back me out to the 'start page' / 'home page'. It does this every 5-10 minutes... It even does this when it goes into screensave mode! I've tried clearing cookies, disabling all notifications, resetting remote connection, restarting the box.. but no luck! Here is a link showing what I'm talking about here: https://streamable.com/86yyd5


Second big issue: When I'm streaming through an app like Prime Video, the stream will randomly turn black and Bloomberg will pop into the screen, in a PictureInPicture (PIP) type format - almost looks to be the size of the preview panel for that channel before you click to watch it. Seems like clearing cookies on the device fixes this.. but that also means I have to enter account details if I watch live streaming TV and then want to use a streaming app. So not an elegant fix, but it'll do for now.


At this point the box is essentially unusable for me. Please advise. Desperately in need of a fix for the First Big Issue.



Edit: Just tested streaming TV with the batteries removed from my Voice Remote to see if that could fix my First Big Issue - no luck there. Issue is definitely with the Flex Box itself!

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2 y ago

To whom it may concern,


This issue has been solved.


I had this box directly connected to my router (ethernet). My previous modem / router setup was clocking 20-60 Mbps - I'm paying for 300Mbps. My old modem (an older Surfboard) had DOCSIS 3.0 firmware and advertised 320Mbps, but apparently Comcast Xfinity needed that DOCSIS 3.1 firmware and a more up to date modem. I decided to upgrade my setup with long term intentions, and dropped 300 bucks on a restored NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem Wifi Router Combo (C7800).


I'm now easily clocking 250-300Mbps. And wouldn't ya know it, now my Flex Box streaming has no issues! It funny though.. I tried 720p streaming before I got this, and even that didn't fix the previous.


So, if you're having issues, consider upgrading your Modem or internet speeds ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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