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Wed, Jan 26, 2022 9:39 PM


Flex Homescreen bug

Does anyone else experience this homescreen bug on the flex? Every time you go back to home or turn the TV on for the first time instead of directing me to the app I've selected, it selects whatever recommended [Edited: "Language"] they have on the home screen. The app I want to open will be clearly selected by the white circle indicating that's what I'm selecting. When I click on it, it automatically directs me to and opens the first recommended item that's on the top of the home screen. This happens just about every time you haven't visited the homescreen in awhile. It's beyond frustrating and feels like it's an intentional way to force you to open whatever show/movie that paid Comcast to be on the home screen.. Honestly it makes me want to watch whatever they force me to click on far less than I ever could have. Anyone else have this issue? How can I fix this before I just return this glitchy little box? I honestly mostly have no issues except this. 

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6 m ago

Good afternoon, MagicalHerbalism. It's upsetting to hear about what you're experiencing with the Flex box, but we certainly appreciate you taking the time to create a post and make us aware of the situation. We're here to help. I wanted to know if you're able to perhaps record a video of what you mean/what you're seeing on your end, that way we can better assist. 




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5 m ago

Sound like what my wife was complaining about the other day, I have seen it a few times. That and if you haven't visited it for a while the screen is out of date, the time and temperature could be hours behind, i.e. screen saying it 8am, temp 33 degrees, when it actually 4pm and temp in the 60s, going into any app and exiting, refreshes to current time/temp

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