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Fri, Jan 22, 2021 1:00 PM


Flex displays Netflix Dolby Vision in 720p format

Here's the deal: I have an LG C9 (2019 manufacture date, software version 05.00.03). It's connected via HDMI 3 to an Xfinity Flex box.


I can say with certainty that when I play a Netflix Dolby Vision video the display mode is 720p


My network connection is good. The network test indicates about 89Mbps.


When I access Netflix using the Netflix app installed on the TV the display mode  is 2160.


Why am I only getting a 720p display resolution when I access Netflix using the Flex box? It should be 2160.


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10 m ago

Did you try to go into settings and change it? 720 is default setting. Also, make sure you are using the 4K hdmi port

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