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Fri, Dec 11, 2020 4:00 PM

Flex can't get to it's home screen

Flex stays as a black screen. It will go to netflix using voice command on remote but asks me to sign in each time. If I use voice to try to open youtube,  I get an error saying Flex is having trouble with the app and then goes black. Voice on remote then will no loger work. I have power cycled Flex box. I changed hdmi cable. This all began yesterday. Before that there was no problem.


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4 m ago

Does anyone actually check this forum, I have yet to see anything posted here responded to unless it's other people voicing the same complaint....

Thank you for mentioning you can access 3rd party apps with voice commands, that helps! I, too, am having probs w my flex. It's like the primary user interface isnt loading properly.

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