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Flex Box Return [Edited]

I just wanted to say I think [Edited: "Inflammatory"] that you automatically get sent a flex box and when you ask about it, you’re told it’s free. Then when you go to cancel you get hit with a $150 charge if not returned. How about you offer it to the customer and say you’re borrowing a 150 dollar piece of gear. That would be much more honest. I’ve read many other comments of people who just misplaced it or tossed it because it was a “free” item. [Edited: "Inflammatory"] . That is all. I know this post won’t change the way Xfinity does their dealings, they know what they’re doing. But just info for others. 

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user_yipoh9 We do appreciate your feedback. You can use this link https://support.xfinity.com/svp-contact-form to submit any additiaonal feedback you may want to provide. 


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Wow the word shady is “inflammatory”? Okay. 

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