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Fri, Apr 17, 2020 5:00 PM

Flex box crashes in Netflix

Most of the time when using the Netflix app on Flex, there will be an instant where the "loading" spinner shows for a second, then the screen goes black. At this point the Flex box does not respond to any inputs from the remote. After about 15 seconds the Flex box appears to do a soft reset and goes back to the starting menu. However, it's not really restored. Even just sitting at the starting menu without clicking anything on the remote, the Flex box will AGAIN go through a complete soft reset. This sometimes happens 4-5 times. Usually I have to fully power cycle Flex to get it back to an operating state again.

Often if I do click the remote I get an error screen that says there seems to be a connection problem with the error code RDK-03117.

Any fixes out there? Maybe I should get a Roku instead?


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1 y ago

We are having the same problem every time we stream in Netflix on the Flex box--sometimes multiple times during one hour-long show.

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