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Flex Box charges…

was reviewing my new xfinity bill as the price had increase since my contract ended but upon review, I saw small print an unreturned box fee for $10. Upon further review, I’ve been paying an unreturned device fee since 11/2022. I was never informed that the box needed to be returned, and I never checked the bill after the updated contracted because the pricing was consistent with what I was supposedly supposed to be charged and it’s on autopay. But apparently xfinity doesn’t send notices or boxes for return of devices… this is really annoying

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8 months ago

Hi @vwmafia13 thanks for reaching out about your billing concerns. Whenever there is a change made that involves removing equipment from the account, you have ten days to return the equipment before you see an unreturned equipment charge on your account. This change, and charges (if the equipment is not returned on time) will show on your next statement after the change is made. The charge will continue to appear on your statement until the equipment is returned. If you have any additional questions about this please let us know. 

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