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Thu, Nov 4, 2021 9:54 PM


Error message XRE-00250

I keep getting this error message. I talked to Customer Service for about 2 hours yesterday and nothing that she did works. This is actually the second Flex box I've had in a week. The first one didn't work and so they mailed me a new one and now this one doesn't work either. The lady at Customer Service said that the new box is the one that's showing on the account so why doesn't it work? I need help ASAP!!

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1 y ago

Hello, @user_fd31b1, I can only imagine how annoyed and frustrated it is to deal with the same issue when you're trying to enjoy that Flex service. I know it's not the greatest thing to reach out to get your equipment to work or have new devices sent out, but I have your back. I'd like to review your account to see what's already been done and to confirm the equipment/services on your account. In order to get started can you please send a direct message to Xfinity Support with your full name and full address by clicking the chat icon in the top right?

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