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Sat, Sep 12, 2020 8:00 AM

Commercials on Xfinity stream only

I received a beta version of the Xfinity stream box in late June, after canceling my Xfinity cable. I liked the service quite a bit, particularly the fact that I I’m able to watch NBC shows without the ridiculous, randomly giving keys. However, I am finding the unskippable and repeated repeated repeated commercials torturous. Any show that can be streamed, does not seem to be recordable, so you cannot fast-forward through recorded commercials. AND you’re not able to pause a live show, so
it’s impossible to pause and then fast forward through commercials. To make this significantly worse, the commercials are the SAME every time they are shown. Something has to change, either the commercials have to be shown less frequently, or the capability to pause and fast forward should be available. I assure you that right now I will avoid buying anything I see on those commercials.
Am I missing something on xFi stream? I would like to enjoy the service, but I’m growing to dislike it and more and more every day.




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2 m ago

I just upgraded my service and the streaming really is ridiculous.  So many commercials.  I thought we pay for services so we don't have to watch commercials??? I rather watch Hulu. Too annoying to stream on xfinity! I will be calling Comcast kn Monday. 

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