Friday, September 8th, 2023 3:51 AM

Arrange apps on Flex

Although voice is nice, I can not believe you can not arrange apps on Flex. This is how apps were invented and standard on every platform and phone for the past ten years. What a huge miss for Xfinity. 1 hour after getting Flex box set up, I’ve unplugged it and  already gone back to all my apps on my Vizio, Samsung, # Xbox devices. 

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6 months ago

Hey, @user_u144y0! Thanks for posting on our community forums and providing feedback on our Xfinity Flex service and platform. I'm sorry to hear the service was not on par with your expectations. We'd love to hear more about your recommendations. You can visit us HERE and provide more details on how we can improve the Xfinity Flex platform moving forward. I hope this helps. 



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5 months ago

I totally agree with this. Can not believe I can’t rearrange or “hide” unused apps.

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3 months ago

The fat that you cannot move or delete apps is absolutely ridiculous. This service is horrible.

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@unhappycustomer123 So sorry to hear that. We'll pass that feedback along for you to make sure your voice is heard.

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16 days ago

I got the flex box free with my XFinity Internet service (with which I’m happy).

I fiddled with the box for a bit but decided to have a ‘Media PC’ instead and the Flex quickly fell in to disuse without spending to much time learning its features beyond setting up streaming apps.

Today I got an AppleTV device to be used as my main TV streaming renderer.

set up was a breeze and I managed, without instructions, to figure out how to arrange apps and group ones I will seldom use.

great, now to put the Flex on the basement Telly and get it sorted.

it was already set up

for streaming apps, all I need to do is arrange the apps and delete the clutter. Perfect for my house guests, and me in times of Covid.

Wait, what, you can’t rearrange apps or delete clutter. WTAF!

It’s going back to Comcast as a waste of shelf space. I may get another AppleTV for the basement.

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