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Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 10:25 PM


xfinity mail spam icon

The icon used to mark spam in xfinity mail is...bad. First off, it's immediately adjacent to the trash icon. Secondly...it's an utterly ambiguous line drawing. A pictogram of an envelope, with a pseudo 'circle slash' icon overlaid across a portion of it. First, 'circle slash' is universally rendered in red, but that's a minor quibble. The icon can easily be mistaken for 'i don't want this any more', i.e. send it to trash. It gives no real idea that it's specific to spam.

I'm aware that when you hover over it, it identifies itself as "Mark as spam". Imagine, if you will, that you are a 95 year old with an ill spouse and a busy schedule. That describes a correspondent of a relative of mine. This correspondent on a semi regular basis accidentally hits the 'mark as spam' button when she means to send the message to trash. Problem: the interface responds identically whether sending to trash or spam - the message merely disappears from the inbox. And then my relative can't exchange email with her correspondent for a day or so.

This is just silly UI design, focusing too much on a 'streamlined' visual appearance over functionality. seriously, without the hover-overs, tell me that the spam icon is easily determined in this image:

I'd really encourage comcast/xfinity to rethink this interface. The icons are lovely, overall. Unfortunately, they are not merely decorations. Why not use something less ambiguous (and relocate it away from the trash icon):

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2 years ago

Hi there, @anastrophe, thank you for providing the feedback and sharing your experience with us. We take customer feedback seriously especially when it comes to the functions, look and over all service. I would also encourage you to share your feedback through the following link: https://comca.st/3tL6WXf

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