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Wed, Oct 28, 2020 7:00 PM

Unable to send emails to multiple addresses

I have sent emails to several email addresses successfuly until this past weekend.  Now when I send to the same group of emails as previously and cc myself, it goes to my spam and no one receives the email even though it is in my Sent folder.  I have tried reducing the number of email addresses on one email, although this worked before this weekend.  I have changed the subject line and tried for several days.  I used chat to work with a Comcast agent 2 days ago, but he was unable to help and said someone would call me the next day- but it has been 48 hours and I need to send my emails.  I do notice when I look in properties of the emails I send that end up in my Spam folder, I see: X-CAA-SPAM: F00001 and also X-Xfinity-VMeta: sc=264.00;st=phishing.  I am not sending spam or phishing.  How do I rectify this?


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