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Wed, Nov 4, 2020 9:00 AM

Transferring Local Folders from Thunderbird to xfinity.

Hi, I have decided I want to discontinue using the Thunderbird e-mail program on my desktop PC.  Is there a way to move all my folders under Local Folders in Thunderbird to my xfinity e-mail.  I have some folders at xfinity already and want to add these others so that I can quit using Thunderbird but keep all my folders and saved e-mails.

FYI I am a computer ignoramus, so pretend like I'm a 5 year old.  Maybe there is a video tutorial?
FYI when I receive an e-mail, it appears in both my xfinity as well as Thunderbird.  When I delete it(or move it to a folder) in Thunderbird it disappears from xfinity also.  And when I delete it(or move it to a folder) in xfinity, it disappears from Thunderbird.  That's great and I can always move e-mails from my Thunderbird Local Folders and put them in my Thunderbird Inbox(not the Local Folders Inbox but the main one further up) and they will show up in my xfinity Inbox, but it does not seem to work with an entire folder.  Suggestions? Thanks.





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6 m ago

Create a test folder in the Local section in T-Bird.  I did that and I am able to drag-and-drop the folder anyplace else I want to.  I moved it up to one of my Comcast Inboxes, and also as a subfolder of another one.  You will see that going from Local to another account copies the folder to the new location.  Once in an account if you move it again, it will move it.  Play around with it and see if it works for you.


Keep in mind that right now, those local folders aren't taking up any space in your Comcast account----------they only take up storage in T-Bird on your computer.  Once you move them into your Comcast account, the contents will count toward the storage limit.  Comcast residential accounts are capped at 10 Gb.

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