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Thu, Apr 1, 2021 6:42 PM

Syncing emails across multiple devices

I have an iPhone, an ipad, and a desktop.  I get Comcast emails on all of them, but they don’t sync, causing me to have to delete emails three times.  Supposedly this isn’t supposed to happen with an “imap” account.  


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7 m ago

Hi user_96def7, I'd be happy to help you get your settings corrected so that all emails are synced. To better understand your case can you tell me if you're signing into a 3rd party email client like outlook, MAC mail, etc to view your email? 

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2 m ago

I have the same issue; iPhone and Desktop.  Native email app on iPhone, Webmail on my desktop and Thunderbird on my Macbook.




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2 m ago

Are your settings different?  In other words, do you have one set up as IMAP and one set up as POP3?  The all need to have the same setup, either all as IMAP or all as POP3.

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