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Tue, Oct 27, 2020 9:00 PM

Strange Error Message Regarding Email Server

Anyone getting this message when they log into their XfinityConnect email account?



The provided login data to access mail server imap.comcast.net seem to be wrong. Please correct them.


Bad grammar. Picture of an exclamation point. Is this for real or was my email account hacked?


I spent the last three nights with Comcast technical support, including the Customer Security Assurance Department (CSA) with no resolution. HORRIBLE customer service and poorly trained personnel. Total of three hours wasted with no resolution.


Problem: Three nights ago I could not access my email account. My logIn and password I KNOW I entered correctly - several times.


Two times Comcast tech support made me change my password on three accounts (primary, 2nd, 3rd) and reset my modem twice. The message above appears when I am in my email. It flashes on and off intermittently.


Before I was able to access all three email accounts through my primary account logIn through XfinityConnect. Now I can only access emails from my primary account and have to logIn separately to the other two accounts.


This holds true for both my home computer WiFi and my independent cell phone, so it is not a problem with my modem. Is it a problem with the IMAP port number? Why can't anyone at Comcast address this??


I sure wish that Comcast would bring Tech Support back to the US, where English is the primary language, phone connections are better, and customer service is better. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.









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6 m ago

Hello @Pixel0, thanks for reaching out to us on our Forums page. We appreciate you being a customer with us, and I am sorry to hear about the error message you're receiving on your end when trying to access your email through Xfinity Connect. I also apologize for the experience you have had thus far working with us on this. We absolutely want to help! I see you have already sent us a private message and we will respond promptly. 

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3 m ago

I too have been getting the exact same error message popping up randomly for the past couple of weeks now when I access e-amil through connect.xfinity.com on my 2 different laptops.  I do not get the message on iPhone or iPad.  I also spent an extended period of time on the phone with xfinity support getting the issue elevated up the line all the way to the xfinity "engineers".  The last I was told was that it may be a "Microsoft Windows Issue".  I am not sure I beleive that.  Other than the nuisance message, with the bad grammar, my e-mail seems to still be working fine.  Any additional help from xfinity support would be appreciated.  I too am a bit concerned about someone trying to hack my account.

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