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Mon, Sep 21, 2020 12:00 PM

Sent email not arriving

I see this problem was discussed earlier and the same thing is happening to me. Emails appear to have sent--they are in  the sent mail folder--but the email never reaches its destination. From previous threads, it appears this is something that Comcast must fix and cannot be done at my end. Respectfully, I ask that it be fixed. Thanks, 


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9 m ago



I've sent you a PM to gather more info. 



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1 m ago

I am now having this same problem. What can I do?



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8 d ago

We were promised 3XFi pods upon service signup. We struggled to get 1 after numerous calls. We desperately need another one in order to get better service for the remote work in one home office that has to be afar from the gateway and the other pod. We Keep getting reference numbers and claims that it is in the mail.

Some agents just hang up the call. We have names.

We get different stories and explanations each time including:

‘you signed up for the old pods’,

‘ it is covid time and they are delayed’, ‘we will do the assessment to determine your need’,

‘you have the wrong contract’.

and countless other excuses.

Our message to XFinity:

1. This is misrepresentation during sales calls.

2. We do not want XFi pods for beauty.

We need them due to the layout of our home offices.

3. Delivwre what you offer during sales calls. Else, it is misrepresentation.





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You are replying to a 9 month old thread, which is now being closed.  Your question belongs in Customer Service.  This forum is for email related issues.

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