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Tuesday, August 29th, 2023 10:50 PM


"Send as" from Gmail using my Comcast account no longer works

I periodically send emails from my comcast email address ( [Edited: "Personal Information"]) from Gmail. Tonight, it no longer works. I have not sent an email like this for a while, so I don't know how long it has been broken

My setup is exactly what shows here

I have tried: 

my username, my password (verified my password still works by going to the web email)

smtp server:

port: 465 was what I used, I tried both 587 and 465

I tried SSL and TLS

is this down, or what do I need to do, to send emails via my comcast address from gmail? Is there an "app password" that comcast requires, since it has 2FA? If so where do I find the page to generate it? Or what else is wrong?

Thank you

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