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Friday, November 24th, 2023 2:51 PM


Received email with attachment that indicates account past due.  Haven't opened.  I think it's a scam.

Do you want to take any action or should I just delete?

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3 months ago

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The SCAM Emails that Charlyyarn is referring to, say that your payment is past due. 

They want you to click this link: <redacted link to phish/compromise>   Does this site belong to 


You think Xfinity would be more interested in protecting it's customers and would want to see the email. 


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No it doesn't belong to Xfinity, you can google the domain to verify.

In 2024 you'd think consumers would have a better understanding of basic phishing attacks and how to protect themselves. This isn't on Xfinity at all.

What would you have preferred be done differently? They'd have opened the email, taken one look and gone "Yep this is definitely fake, please delete the email and check out this link if you have any more questions on how to handle a phishing attempt:"

These are customer service reps, they aren't system engineers. (Maybe some are? I think they're on the escalated tickets though) They don't have a sandbox environment to open and test the email links with. All they need to do is verify that it's a probable phishing attempt and tell the user to delete the email. That's how these situations are handled. They cannot investigate every spam email. It's unfathomable the volume of emails. The link explaining how to identify a phishing attempt was sufficient support.

If they open the email all they are doing is opening themselves up to attack and possibly accidentally click the bad link.

If you're thinking they should be looking into it and investigating with the government to shut the fraud down... like... that's not how it works...

... If there's an admin on this page please delete VCLJF0's post or modify it. They posted a compromised link on the forums...   thank you

VCLJF0 if you're concerned with people's security, please don't post the sketchy link from sketchy emails... Please don't be sassy next time, these people do want to help you.


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