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Sun, Jan 10, 2021 7:00 AM

Recovering lost e-mails in comcast mail?

For several days i was not receiving e-mail in one of my comcast accounts. Finally after several days comcast straightened this out. Can these e-mails which i never received for 4.5 days be recovered from the comcast server?!     Comcast told me they could not, only can you recover e-mails that had been deleted. Please advise!!




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3 m ago

I had to change my user name and password because my old one would not work. Now all my emails to the old account have disappeared and I am trying to get comcast to locate them. It is almost possible to get a human on the phone for help. I had some very important e-mails and also my address list is gone and I have no e-mail addresses. I am so angry I would like to leave comcast but they are the only cable co in my area except for dish network and I have already had with them. Did you ever get yours back? 

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