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Sat, Sep 19, 2020 8:00 AM

Need email address reset

A few months ago I accidentally marked all the email in my inbox as junk.  I've tried to correct but I stopped getting most of my emails at that specific address.  The missing emails don't even show up in junk or spam. 


Last week I did it again.  This time it's worse.  After I tried to move everything back to inbox, my email has gone bonkers.  First it said I had over 800k emails on multiple devices not just my phone.  Even logging into Comcast email through a web browser.  Hundreds of thousands of emails.  I got noticeably my email is full.  I've tried deleting. The emails just come back.  Now I have multiple copies of each emails but received at different times. 


Is there anyway to reset the email address so this stops?  I am very attached to this address so if like to keep it.  Delete all the email and start over.   I prefer to not have to delete the address and start with a new email address. 


Thank you.  


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