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Mon, Sep 14, 2020 10:00 AM

My Comcast e-mail suddenly stopped receiving some e-mails from one specific sender August 15th 2020.



I don't know where else to ask this.  I've tried calling the 1-800 support but it sounds like they don't understand the problem, especially when it's escalated and reaches somebody in a different country.  They don't even read back the ticket number before hanging up on me.


On August 15th, I suddenly stopped receiving some e-mails from .  They send their transactional e-mails through MandrillApp and their marketing e-mails through iContact.  The e-mails I stopped receiving are transactional - when you place an order, when an order ships, etc.  Both show as coming from that address and it's only through tracing the SMTP headers that I could see they were taking a different route.


I had been receiving them fine for over 15 years until they suddenly stopped.  They're not in my spam box.  I turned off all of my filters, even though none would've caught them or were set to delete messages.  I have had their address in my address book for as long as I've been receiving them so that's not either.  I did not accidentally unsubscribe as transactional e-mails don't have a link to do so.   I have no problems sending e-mail to them either, as I reported this problem as potentially on their end.  I've changed practically nothing since I set up this e-mail account over 15 years ago.

I confirmed with BigBadToyStore that notifications are being generated.  I've created a new account through a domain that I control and it's receiving messages.  I talked to another BBTS customer with a Comcast e-mail and they've said they're receiving messages.  This morning I created a new account on a new Comcast e-mail and it's receiving messages.  Although BBTS has confirmed issues with other Comcast customers, so far what I see is that it's only from this address to mine that's not working.


How can I get my e-mail () fixed?



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It appears that around August 15th, we received a "spam" report from your user profile for those messages originating from MandrillApp.  Typically, when this happens, they will add the recipient address to a "suppression list", and inhibit further deliveries.  We'll see if we can reach out to MailChimp (owner of MandrillApp), and get this sorted out for you. We will provide an update once we hear back. 

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8 m ago

It looks like e-mails have resumed.  Thanks for getting this resolved.   Phone support was clueless.


That said, no spam report was sent by me.  At the client level, all I can do is flag a message to move it to my spam folder.  It's never had any effect on delivery, as I still regularly recieve "account verifications" from "Amazon" or "Wells Fargo" and solicitations from Nigerian princes.  That must have been something automated on your side.  It would have been helpful to receive a message notifying me of a report being triggered.  If I had not stumbled upon this forum, that e-mail would've been inexplicably blackholed forever.

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