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Fri, Jul 24, 2020 5:00 PM

Login Loop Attempt to access comcast email returns to xfinity main page.

When logging in on the xfinity page, I enter my credentials, see the connect splash page, and then am promptly returned to the xfinity main page. The xfinity home page shows that I'm not logged in but updates with my first name on the top right after a moment. Further attempts at clicking the email icon return me to the homepage.


What I've tried to no avail:

I've tried turning off privacy settings on my main browser inlcuding ad blocker, and no script. I've tried a different operating system on the same PC(windows 10), and then tried using edge which I had never touched or configured on that install. I then tried firefox on a different PC that could log into a different comcast email, but was in this loop trying to log into mine.


This might have something to do with account inactivity, and reactivating inactive accounts not quite working as intended. This is an old inactive email that I only need to use on rare occasion to recover something, such as now. Well, hopefully I've been clear in describing what is wrong, and can be advised on how to go about regaining access to my email.


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