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Tue, Nov 3, 2020 11:00 AM

Images not loading in webmail when using Chrome

We are aware of images in some emails not loading in webmail when using Chrome. 


This is due to a change made in the latest version of chrome that prevents nonsecure images from being displayed.  There are two possible solutions to show images while Comcast develops a workaround to account for the Chrome change. 


- Provide feedback to the sender of the email to follow best practices and utilize secure images in their messages. Ultimately this is the problem that Chrome is trying to solve with the change. 

- Use a different browser that does not force this change. 


Technical overview: 

The recent version of Chrome M86 forces HTTP image calls to HTTPS.  This means if an image is located at HTTP://  chrome will call HTTPS://  More than likely there is no image at the https location, which results in a broken image in the email.  Since Comcast does not control the content of the message, the sender would need to move the image to a secure location and update their email to point to that location.   Some email providers rewrite the email messages and change the image source to go through a secure proxy layer which prevents mixed content. 


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