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Fri, Jun 18, 2021 3:33 AM

I deleted one user a week ago but still receiving emails

I deleted one user a week ago but still receiving emails on my pc. I cant still also send.

The odd thing is I cant login with the old email anymore 

Called support and they also show that its gone but didn't have a explanation why its doing that.

Anybody else had this before?





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1 m ago

I assume you mean you deleted a secondary user account?  If so, what happens is that the user ID is suspended for 90 days, at which time it drops into the pool of available IDs for any other Comcast HSI customer that wants to claim it.  Did you have the account enabled in a desktop client like Windows Mail or Thunderbird?  I ask because if you still have it enabled, you would still get incoming emails to that address until you delete it from the client.  The account is still running in the background.  You  just can't get at it now using the webmail interface.  I deleted one almost a year ago, but it is still functioning in Windows Mail 10 where it is still enabled. No one else has claimed it.   If I try to sign into it using only the web portal I get an error message saying it's not a valid address.  The reason is that the client keeps the account signed in as long as you have it enabled.

Does that explain your situation?

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