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Fri, May 29, 2020 11:00 AM

I am also getting spam saying it's from Comcast & that my account will be suspended

Greetings 😃

I have been clear spam everyday and marking it as spam. This morning I got an email (from a bogus sender, I saw upon clicking on the email that said it was from Comcast) trying to get me to click on a link, warning me my account would be supsended. I am looking for a way to report this, instead of just marking it as spam with everything else.

I started downloading Norton through your "Ask xfinity," suggestion, but haven't completed the process because I'm using Firefox on a Mac, so I'm going to check with Apple support.

When I clicked on a link offered here about spam settings, it just takes me back to the beginning of this forum section. It doesn't actually get me information about spam settings. I've tried it twice with the same result.

Hope your days have some laughs along with learning. Suggestions for reporting the fraudulent email would be appreciated!

Thank you



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1 y ago

Since I changed my password and saw the number for 1-800-xfinity, I got a very helpful call back from a real live customer service person! He very skillfully answered all my questions. After I called, I took the option to get a call back. I got a call back within the time told to me (10-15 minutes) from a very knowledgable person who told me how to report the fraudulent email, showed me a new option for blocking spam, and listened to my questions about using a Mac. Before I got the call back, I also searched "setting spam filters" and was able to read the directions of how to do that. My spam filters were already enabled.

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