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Wednesday, September 9th, 2020 6:00 AM


How to: Prevent email from going to the spam folder


We wanted to make customers aware of a new feature that they may want to utilize. We've heard that our customers would like the ability to add an email address (or sender) to their address book and for those senders to be delivered to the inbox, and not your spam folder. You've likely seen a note at the bottom of some marketing messages that suggest for the recipient to add an email address to their address book to ensure delivery or similar. In most cases, this new feature will give you the ability to allow those senders to go to your inbox instead of your spam folder. If you have filters that act on new messages, they should still filter mail properly. Note that these addresses must be in your Webmail address book for this to properly function, and the form should be "" (without quotes) in the Email field for the contact. From your webmail, you should see an "Address Book" link along the top. It should also be noted this will not work for "Collected Addresses", only those you explicitly add to the Address Book.

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2 years ago

'Wildcard' domain entries are now supported, which prevents email from going to the spam folder. Simply specify *@thedomain as the email address in the address book contact.

Please note that if it's a third-level domain, that must be explicitly wildcarded on its own.
So, * is not the same as *


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