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Fri, May 14, 2021 7:16 PM

How to delete all emails before a certain date, at once

Gmail lets me search for emails "older_than:3m" and then delete them all at once (not a page at a time). Does Xfinity?



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For general search information see

To search by date range on a desktop or laptop, enter the range in the Search box like this (use a 4 digit year):


Your entry and the words "as daterange" should appear on a line below. Click that line. If necessary, select the folder(s) to search. You may find that the search doesn't find emails in the Trash folder when you search All Folders. If so and you want to search Trash as well, you'll need to specify Trash instead of All Folders.


Check the search results to make sure they are as you expect, and then click the All dropdown, then "Select all messages", and finally click the trashcan icon.

I do not know if this works on phones and tablets.


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