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Sun, Jan 10, 2021 7:00 PM

Graphics not showing in e-mails. Speed test question also

Hopefully the first item below is a simple problem which can be fixed by resetting a Setting. Problem is I have searched but cannot determine which setting.

When I open an e-mail containing graphics or a “press button” they do not show. Instead, one of two messages appears: (1) To view e-mail in browser, etc.) or (2) To protect your privacy, etc.). I have to click on whichever of these messages appears to see the graphics and/or “press button”. Photos sent by my family appear without a problem. I currently use Microsoft Edge but had the same problem when I tried another browser.

The problem started after a Comcast service rep installed a new, “upgraded” Comcast router. I had the new router installed because a Comcast phone rep, while helping me with a problem, said the one I had was old and I would get better speed with an updated model. When it was installed I mentioned to the Comcast service rep the router he was installing was not new, at best it was refurbished if that.

My previous Comcast router was installed January 2016. From then until December 2019 when the supposedly new one was installed; I ran 15 speed tests from the Comcast site. The average Ping was 13, the average Download was 190 with a range of 160 to 230, the average Upload was 11. The average of 3 speed tests run with the new router the past month and a half are Ping 12, Download 236 and Upload 5.7. No improvement. The poorer Upload readings are very obvious when I am working on the computer.


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