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Fri, Feb 12, 2021 4:00 PM

Gaping holes in Xfinity spam filter

Am I the only one that has seen an exponental increase in spam the last few months?


Spam has gone from one or two a week slippingthrough to several spams a day.



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2 m ago

You are _far_ from the only one.


Not only has the amount of spam that gets through to our inbox increased exponentially, but the nature of the spam has evolved also.


Instead of the olden days when they were selling shady products, nowadays they want you to click on their link  ("Click _here_")  so their malware can install on your computer.


The important question is HOW and WHY the spam filters are so incompetent these days.


I remember a time when the amount of spam that got to our inbox was virtually zero and the spam that went to the spam folder was very small. Comcast was on top of it.


Why does Comcast senior management allow this?

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