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Tue, Oct 27, 2020 2:00 PM

FIXED: Untrusted certificate "Cisco Umbrella" for trusted sites

I have been using Comcast/Xfinity here for 7 years and made no changes to my hardware recently aside from a video card upgrade to one PC. About a week or two ago I began experiencing issues connecting to trusted sites, namely discordapp.com and the nvidia driver website, among others. It happens intermittently and at random intervals and lasts for a few minutes to hours. This usually happens at least once a day. This happens on multiple browsers on this PC but other PC's on my network seem to connect during these times (in the case of discord), which is strange, but discord uses cloudflare so the DNS lookup may have gotten different IP's for each computer as a result of cloudflare's cloud tech. The error I receive from webbrowsers is that there is an untrusted certificate in use. The traceroutes are also different when working and not working. I have uploaded screenshots of both the certificate and the traceroute when the services are working and not working. The screenshots were taken roughly five minutes apart. You can see that the traces are roughly the same until they reach comcast's servers, then they diverge. This seems to be the cause of the issue.

I also ruled out viruses by doing a full reformat/re-install of windows on this machine. I tend to take a scorched earth tactic to suspicion of viruses.


EDIT 1: I think I figured this one out. It seems that I forgot to disable my work VPN and it is wreaking havoc with my internet requests. Lesson learned. For those experiencing the same issues, my workplace uses GlobalProtect.


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