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Fri, Mar 5, 2021 12:00 AM

Emails not downloading into iPhone

For a week now, emails into the iPhone mail folder download maybe twice, three times in a 24 hour period; the error says "Comcast not available".

I could not get the agent to let me talk to Tech Support, instead she was the "go between".  Obviously the two were just reading off of canned prompts, end result??

They blamed the iPhone and recommended that I install the latest operating system, 15.4.  Except that 14.4 is the latest, they just made that up!

I replaced the iPhone, thinking the old one was dying, no help.  This just started a week ago, what feature in Comcast/Xfinity email servers changed? 




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8 m ago

Try deleting the account from the phone, then re-creating it again from scratch.  Let iOS auto-configure it for you.  I'm assuming you are using the default Mail app that come on the phone?

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2 m ago

I’ve done that twice, also ensuring the IMAP and other settings are correct.  It does not fix the issue and it’s intermittent.  It’s happening today with the “Comcast not available” error messages.  Email works correctly on my iPad, just not on my phone.

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Just to confirm the IMAP settings are correct, can you please confirm you've updated your settings with the following information?

Comcast IMAP settings for iPhone

Incoming mail server settings

Incoming server host name:


Incoming mail server port: 993

Use SSL: yes


Outgoing mail server settings

Outgoing mail server host name:


Outgoing mail server port: 587

Use SSL: Yes.

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