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Wed, Apr 8, 2020 1:00 AM


Emails being marked as Spam?

I am having a recurrent issue with the spam filter.


I have another email address connected to my Amazon account, and I forward all relevant Amazon emails to my Comcast email. However starting early February, all of these forwarded emails were for some unknown reason automoatically filtered and deleted as spam. There was no change on my end and no warning. (Important to note: I can still receive emails directly to my inbox from the other email address if it is not a forwarded message.)


I tried to resolve the issue on my own. I reforwarded all of the emails, messing around with various filter settings and rules and even adding the amazon emails to my address book, all to no avail. I am able to now receive these emails in "spam" and move them to my inbox by marking them as "not spam." But I should not have to do that every time. (Even marking 20+ of these emails as "not spam" did not affect how they were processed by the spam filter.)


How can I get these emails to show up in my inbox and prevent them from being marked as spam?

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2 y ago

looks like the emails are being flagged because of a phishing campaign is impersonating Amazon and sending Comcast customers fake Amazon emails. They match legit Amazon emails and the only way we can identify the difference is that the legit emails comes from actual Amazon servers. That is why you are running into this issue. Unfortunately due to the security concern, we cannot modify this filter because then we would be letting Amazon phishing emails through to our customers which as you are likely aware would lead to loss of access to Amazon accounts and likely compromises to payment information. 



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