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Sat, Jul 31, 2021 6:48 PM

Email Server Error

Trying to send an email to a group I have set up in my comcast email.  The group has only 78 contacts and I have verified that all addresses are correct.  I have been on the phone with Comcast for over 7 hours over 2 days.  I have been sent up to higher levels of tech support.  No one can identify or resolve the following error message: Message could not be sent. Error message from mail transport server: 452 - 452 4.1.1 ... temporary failure

This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered


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2 m ago

Good afternoon @user_0bc9c7


I am sorry to hear that you have been having difficulties with getting an email sent out to a contact group. We certainly want to help get this issue resolved for you today. This error would likely come from an issues with an invalid email domain. You would need to review all email addresses within the group and identify which email is causing the error. I would suggest try breaking the group up into 3 sub groups and send out three separate emails. This should help eliminate which email addresses are working and which may have an error in the domain. Please let us know if you get a chance to locate the invalid email domain. 

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