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Tue, Apr 6, 2021 8:08 PM

email on xfinity site going to spam

Is there a way to keep emails from going to the spam folder on the xfinity site...marking something as "not spam" sends it to your inbox but only each one.  The last few days almost every email I get is going to the spam folder. Weird.



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1 m ago

You can "whitelist" a sender by following the instructions in


Not for everyone: Turn off their spam filtering altogether so everything they deliver arrives in the Inbox.


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1 m ago

Hello Reenler, it sounds like you may need to remove one of your spam filters. For more information on how to do this please see the information below. 


Xfinity Connect email lets you set spam blockers with a Comcast email spam filter.

Spam Filtering places emails designated as spam in a separate Spam folder.

  • You can check and see if any legitimate email was marked as spam by accident and use the toolbar to mark it Not Spam.
  • Emails marked as Spam and moved to the Spam folder will be deleted automatically after seven days.

Turning Spam Filtering off sends all emails directly into your inbox – even those designated as spam.

Follow the simple steps below to change your Comcast spam filter settings.

Change Spam Filter Preferences

  1. In Xfinity Connect, click the Gear icon on the top-right of the navigation bar, then click Settings.
    Navigation bar.
  2. From the menu on the left, click on Advanced Settings.
    XFINITY Connect - Mail dropdown with Advanced Settings highlighted.
  3. Click the Automatically move spam and potentially harmful messages to the Spam folder option.
    Spam Filtering options.
    Note: Enabling Spam filtering will move emails designated as spam to the Spam folder and delete them automatically after seven days.
    Spam Filtering option with
  4. To empty your trash, select the More Actions (three lines) icon next to the trash folder, then select Empty trash to erase all messages in that folder.

Emptying Spam and Trash Folders
To empty your trash in Xfinity Connect, click on the Menu button next to Trash and click Empty trash.
Mail tab with Empty trash among pop-up options.
To erase individual messages, click the folder you want to open and select individual messages to delete. After selecting the messages, click the trash icon on the email toolbar.
Email toolbar - Trashcan icon is fourth from right.
To empty your Spam folder, right-click the Menu button and select Delete all Spam. This will erase all spam emails.
Mail tab screen - fourth option down on pop-up is Delete all Spam.

Email Safe List
The Email Safe List, found under Settings > Advanced Settings in Xfinity Connect, lets you list the only email addresses from which you want to receive emails.

  • Note: If you use this feature, you will only receive messages from the addresses you specify. Messages from other addresses not included on the list will be rejected.
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1 m ago

Somehow I doubt that will work but will give it a try...just like another poster the email alerting me to this went to the spam emails are not even coming to my outlook inbox...I just don't get why things changed all of a sudden.

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Things changed all of a sudden [Edited: "Inflammatory"] It has been years that I received my utility bill by email until march 2021, when I discovered my bills were in the spam folder of the "xfinity connect" email app. They never made it to my email client on my PC!


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